It’s been four years since Cyre was blasted into a dangerous and warped wasteland of death. Since the Last War, a sense of dread and fear has continued to suffocate both nobles and commoners alike all across Khorvaire.

There are those who had been forced to face the very worst of themselves in order to survive the war. Perhaps they had once believed in something larger than themselves, perhaps they had even fought for a reason. But it’s been many years since then, and now the faces of those who fell before them appear in silent nightmares that never cease to repeat. When the war ended, it was time to hide away and bury the past as best as one could.

The City of Sharn in Breland is known by many names. The city of towers, the city of secrets, the city of shadows, the city of knives.

The towers rise for miles, piercing the sky with spires of stone and defying gravity. But the foundations swell, people living practically on top of each other. In the depths of Sharn, the cogs grind and turn amidst the heat of the Earth. The shadows are longer here, and darker.

The City of Knives is also known to be the perfect place to disappear.

There are those who brave the shadows, who know people that know people. They come to you, and the gold they offer is perhaps one of the few things that make sense in this world. They ask you to do things that are best suited to your unique skill set. It takes a man of little conscience and enormous talent to do what you do. As long as you get paid, you don’t ask questions.

But how long can you live with yourself before that part of you, the part you thought died long ago, will start to care again? Will want to make a difference?

You tell yourself it will never happen. Perhaps you’re right. And yet, perhaps it’s only a matter of time.

Welcome to the City of Knives, where you make a living on the edge between the shadows and cut through the darkness to reveal the dark heart of the city.

City of Knives

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