City of Knives

Episode Two: Gods Save The Queen

Previously, in City of Knives…

• Lord Verden d’Deneith has been forced to go into hiding at the crew’s safehouse in Menthis Plateau. No one knows why Lyrandar’s pilot, now deceased, looked exactly like the young Deneith heir. Rail, the warforged fighter, offered to protect the young lord while they hatched a plan.

• Still, this fact gave the crew convenient ‘proof’ that Verden was dead as instructed by their mysterious client. The crew attempted to lure The Client into an ambush. They offered the mysterious, albeit irritable woman the chance to kill the boy herself at their safe house. The appointment was set to a candle mark away.

• After making their way to Menthis, the crew heard sounds of struggle inside the safe house. Before charging in, the artificer Axel Ducaine stole a peek in and saw The Client squatting on Rail’s fallen and seemingly unconscious form. Her mouth was open, and she was choking out blackish blood into his open mouth. Her words: “Mother will not be pleased…”

• A serious scuffle ensued. Not only was The Client in possession of a Tarkanan Blade, a fearsome weapon rumoured to steal souls, but she also bore an aberrant mark that spawned creatures made of blood. One of them whispered: “Musn’t disappoint mother…must kill him…brother must die…must become the true daughter of Khyber.”

• Though The Client escaped, the fight came to an end but not before some of the ‘bloodhounds’ splashed onto Rail and seeped into his wooden limbs. Though seemingly unharmed, the warforged began to exhibit strange symptoms: a pulse, and a hunger for meat.

• The enigmatic Man in the Bird Mask appeared with Lord Verden in tow. He tipped his hat and pushed Verden towards them, and before they knew it, he was gone. Who is he, and why did he help them? They helped the boy forge a new identity to help him disappear, much to the satisfaction of Uthar Morrus.

A week later…

• At the Lava Pit, Rail is enjoying his newly discovered appetites. He breathes, dreams and eats and has even paid women to teach him some of the more ‘carnal’ pleasures, though he has a suspicion he is being had.

• Their new client at the Pit is Ri, a young changeling who claimed The Queen – the internationally adored entertainer and musician – to be his sister, Li. They were both former members of The Tyrants, a gang of shape shifting criminals. Now ‘The Queen’ works for The Toybox – a place where the truly wealthy can purchase the services of high class companions.

• Suspicious of the true nature of The Toybox, Ri requested the crew to perform an extraction to the tune of 4,000 Galifar coins. He suggested befriending The Queen’s handler, a dwarf by the name of Grundar.

• Calin’s contact, Lyra shared her information: Nemrith d’Thuranni, the Toybox’s director, possessed the Mark of Shadow, but the Toybox was off limits as far as the houses of Thuranni and Phiarlan were concerned.

• Berennab, the gnome demonologist presented himself as his public persona of Berennab d’Sivis and a potential client of the Toybox. He requested for a Halfling he could murder under a full moon. The receptionist accepted the request without batting an eyelash. Rail accompanied him as his ‘bodyguard.’

• Calin d’Thuranni, the elven assassin and Axel are to enter through the lower levels of the Toybox through the waste canals where the least amount of magical protection was detected, though it was noted that a number of limited circles of transportation are present in the building.

• While the assassin and the artificer ready their infiltration of the compound, Rail sits in the reception area, with not a few explosives hidden on his person. Meanwhile, Berennab’s engagement is about to begin. All they need to do is find The Queen and convince her through words or force to escape. What could possibly go wrong?


I noticed that both campaign summaries ended with, “what could possibly go wrong?”

LOL. Easily one of our first game running gags. XD

Episode Two: Gods Save The Queen

For the next episode, it’ll go something like “The cogs on the brink of Civil War, Changling Assassins, mutilated Warforged bodies and ever MORE aberrant marks. What could possibly go wrong?”

Episode Two: Gods Save The Queen

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