Lord Black

the unkindess of ravens and the murder of crows


He breathes from his mask but does not speak. The fine clothes do not detract from the unnerving leather bird mask.

Thus far he has proved to be both a source of income and help for the crew, pointing them towards lucrative efforts and assisting them from time to time. His overwhelming generosity is matched by his eerie mystery. He pays in cyrean coinage, money from a land which died with The Mourning. Somehow, he seems to know entirely too much about the crew’s activities, and the challenges they face.

Investigation has revealed what little the crew knows: this creature is not of this plane, and the inside of the strange mask was riddled with arcane symbols that helped his form coalesce and exit in this plane.

The runes would have had to have been set by someone else. Who is helping this mysterious being walk in Sharn, the city of towers?

He has been called Lord Black, and has on his retinue the experimental warforged #267 and a yet unnamed kalashtar woman.

Lord Black

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