Lady Tarkanan

As beautiful as she is dangerous, as mysterious as she is deadly.


red hair cut to razor short bluntness, cold amber eyes. dusky tan, a perpetual sneer on her face

She had previously contracted the crew to kill Lord Verden d’Deneith during The Race of Twelve. She appears to be trying to manipulate the Draconic Prophecy in House Tarkanan’s favor.

She bears a powerful aberrant mark on her forearm, shaped like thorns that stretch from her wrist to elbow. The Lady has called upon blood hounds from under her skin to fight for her.

A famed Tarkanan dagger is in her possession, a large knife that purportedly has the ability to steal away slivers of one’s soul.

She has recently given the warforged Rail a taste of what it means to be human, by forcing her dark (and sentient?) blood to consume him. To what end?

Lady Tarkanan

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