Warforged Fighter, Former Servant to the Crown, Former Gear Master of House Orien


117, as he was originally named, was one of hundreds of multipurpose Warforged built by renegade artificers during The Last War. Often sold as cannon fodder to the highest bidder in the black markets of Droaam or Q’barra, 117 considered himself lucky to be sold and working for House Orien as an Engineer for their Lightning Rails. 117 found purpose and relished his understanding of the Lightning Rail, fully appreciating the intricate beauty of the iconic transport system. These were the best years of his life. A few years after becoming a full fledged Gear Master, however, 117 was conscripted for the war as a soldier when Orien’s military numbers dwindled.

117 unlocked a hidden talent for warfare during his years on the battlefield, executing his orders dutifully and making full use of his talents and abilities as a skilled and unflinching warmachine. Inevitably, Orien’s might was undone and 117 was eventually siezed as a prize of war by the Crown.

Stripped of his allegiance to Orien, 117 was recruited and painfully “refitted” with obsidian armor plating by Dazgrel, a sadistic Drow commander who ran a small shadow organization secretly sponsored by the Crown which conducted guerrilla operations all over Khorvaire.

After what seemed like a decade of endless killing in the shadows, 117 became the sole surviving “veteran” of Dazgrel’s crew. As such, he was chosen to lead their most daring and lucrative mission to date: To completely cut out the supply lines of all the Crown’s enemies by destroying the Lightning Rail System in Passage, Aundair.

117 knew the mission would fail. He would make sure it did.

Dazgrel, who normally sat out the missions, decided to tag along to see this one done right. On the day of the operation, 117 set the charges a minute too early and made sure they were placed strategically along the strongest joints of his beloved rail system, ensuring the gigantic pillars that held the system aloft would hold. When Dazgrel finally got wind of his prized Warforged’s betrayal, they dueled on top of the lighting rail system with winds of up to 110 kmph. Dazgrel was far more skilled with a blade and eventually overcame the slower, bulkier Warforged. With scars across his arms, face and chest; knowing death was near, 117 smiled for the first time in decades as the charges exploded early and caught Dazgrel by completely by surpise. 117 managed to make one final lunge with his great axe and cut off Dazgrel’s right swordhand, before disappearing into the smoke and debris.

Before completely fleeing the scene, 117 stripped the obsidian plating off his body one by one, leaving it strewn across the mission site, hoping it would be enough evidence to fake his own death.

Finally winning his freedom, 117 gave himself a new name: Rail. After the war ended, Rail has been constantly refitting himself to hide his identity and has kept himself busy running a small freelance engineering racket (his first love) and designing bigger, more elaborate transport railways. He is currently a nomad, but has been known to take odd jobs that suit his wide range of skills from time to time.

Additional Notes:

Rail eventually found out Dazgrel survived their battle, refitted his own right swordarm with a warforged blade, and began creating and selling warforged for his own nefarious purposes in some unknown location.

Rail wishes to someday return to House Orien and continue where he left off as a Gear Master, but knows his past transgressions (some of which were against Orien itself) make that impossible.

Rail likes to create an endless list of goals and chores to occupy himself. Hourly.

Designed his own Final Messenger to look more like a Unicorn with wings. (Warforged Wondrous Item Lvl 6)

Campaign Status

Currently keeping a Pegasus as a trained companion and pet. Rail has named him “Lightning”.

Rail and his allies have set up a small “shadow network” of Changelings that have been housed and armed after their rescue from the Toy Box.

Rail has also bought and taken in a relatively young Warforged from Bolrak’s Foundry. Thoroughly abused and mistreated all his life, Rail took it upon himself to rescue the fledgling and set him up somewhere he could be of more use.

“Tinker”, as he is now named, has taken over the day-to-day duties over at the Red Hammer, thanks in no small part to Barrister Hectran, after the tragic demise of Ash.


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