Sema Hammerson

the driving force behind the Sharn's Inquisitive


Never without a cheap cigar in his mouth, gruff and demanding. Sharp eyes, sharper instincts.

Sema Hammerson is the Editor-in-Chief of Sharn’s most popular paper, The Sharn Inquisitive. Hammerson did his best to stay out of the Last War, and he had somehow found a way to profit greatly from it.

Calin also works under Sema, as one of the paper’s chief illustrators. Calin knows Sema to be a hard and demanding boss, with absolutely no redeeming qualities to his personality. Still, the chief is good for information. Hammerson’s sources, while of questionable morality, are often the able to deliver the goods.

Hammerson is better known in certain circles as someone who knows someone who knows those kinds of people. Sema is the crew’s main means of receiving contracts. He has helped the crew profit greatly from their unique set of talents, and this particular crew is his most successful at resolving contracts. He has taken great pains to make his connection to the crew minimal at best, hence why he barely makes face to face contact with the team.

The dwarf is still able to juggle both professions of newsie and contactman, but who knows how long the dwarf can keep up such a strained balancing act?

Sema Hammerson

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