Uthar Morrus

the Secretary of Veteran Affairs in Breland


An old veteran with graying hair, gentle demeanor, with old war wounds

Despite his stern features and the obvious weight of the War on his frame, the Undersecretary of Veteran Affairs is well known for his compassion and sense of justice. Uthar Morrus was once known as Lord Uthar d’Deneith, and his lesser mark of sentinel is found on the back of his right hand.

Uthar is an orphan of House Deneith. It is common knowledge that he chose to fight for Breland during the war, and recognized House Deneith’s wishes to remain neutral. He gave up his birthright in House Deneith, but after a successful military career, he has found modest success in politics.

Uthar has worked with the crew numerous times, never judging their decidedly shady dealings. He understands that veterans had a hard time adjusting after the war, and they do what they can to find their place in society. He has an especially soft spot for the warforged Rail, and in addition he fights hard to have veteran warforged recognized.

Uthar contacted the crew to help protect his nephew Lord Verden. Sticking his neck out for his nephew may yet prove to be unwise, as he remains ignorant of how much trouble the young ex-scion was truly in.

Uthar Morrus

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