Lord Verden d'Deneith

the young hot-headed scion of House Deneith


Sharp features, impeccably dressed at all times. Long black hair swept in dreadlocks, cold wary eyes.

The young lord has a dark grudge against a man of House Lyrander. During The Race of Twelve, he swore to both win the race and defeat House Lyrander. When the crew messed up his plans (in an effort to both fake his death and save his life), the young man was far from grateful.

He seems to know something about the secrets of the Lyrander Pilot’s trinket: a glass pendant holding what appeared to be live lightning. He seemed unaffected by the strange fact that the Lyrander pilot looked exactly like him, Deneith dragonmark and all. The Lord is obviously hiding secrets, but why?

His uncle, Uthar Morrus, paid the crew handsomely to help the boy disappear under the guise of a new identity.

His twin sister, Lady Soranda d’Deneith, has been unable to escape House Deneith at this time. What disgrace did she suffer from the hands of the Lyrander pilot?

Lord Verden d'Deneith

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