Axel Ducaine


Axel d’Cannith; Male Human Artificer (Multiclass Swordmage)

Height: 6’0" Weight: 170 lbs. Born 952 YK

Deity – Culturally, Cyrans are not renowned for their religious devotion with only occasional reverence given to the Sovereign Host. Axel wavers between some form of agnosticism and inclination towards the Blood of Vol, insofar as the faith represents devotion to an ‘internal’ divinity.

Alignment and Motivation: Driven mostly by ambition and a desire for power, Axel’s moral compass is somewhat lacking. However, he does not possess the sociopathic qualities of a greedy tyrant and is not inclined to sabotage relationships in order to fulfill his goals. Anything that will reward him politically or financially is motivation enough, moreso if it will help increase his mastery of artifice.

Ability Scores – Although far from being an athletic individual, Axel possesses a hardy physique and has only known sickness rarely. He is a learned individual with a passion for all forms of knowledge, including fields that lie on the boundaries of his profession. (High INT & CON)

Skills: A multi-disciplinary education throughout his youth has fostered a broad range of knowledge in Axel. Not only is he well-versed in the principles of arcana, he is remarkably learned in matters of history and theology. He is not, however, adept in conversation and thus fumbles at public expression.


It’s no secret that Axel Ducaine is really Axel d’Cannith, former member of House Cannith. That is, until he was supposedly excoriated from the house. The truth of the matter is that Axel answers to none other than Merrix d’Cannith.

Before the end of the Last War, Axel was one of the many protégés of Aaren d’Cannith, inventor of the warforged and Merrix’s father. As much a philosopher as he is an engineer, Aaren sought to understand the mysteries of life itself and bridge them with the technical principles of artifice. Aaren’s research resulted in the first true warforged, which House Cannith profited from greatly.

Axel worked closely with Aaren, and shared his ideals of the perfect transcendental being. Together they were driven to search the world for the means to fuel their work. Resentful of House Cannith’s appropriation of Aaren’s work, they kept much of their projects off the books, including the acquisition of key holdings across Greater Khorvaire.

When Aaren was disinherited and made excoriate, Axel was relocated to the Sharn enclave where he labored in moderate obscurity for nearly two decades until the Day of Mourning. The Day of Mourning changed everything. It devastated the power structure of Cannith. Without a clear sense of leadership, the house has stagnated and lost direction.

For Aaren’s son, Merrix the Younger, the Mourning meant the close scrutiny with which the Cannith’s elders regarded him was gone. Merrix is now free to pursue his interests in specialized projects more aggressively. Of those who know of his pursuits, some say he sees the future of Cannith in a renewed streak of innovation while others suspect that he simply tinkers for its own sake.

No matter the reason, Merrix’s scientific zeal has compelled him to seek out his father’s research. Merrix has charged Axel with the search for Aaren, who vanished without a trace over a decade before the Mourning. For secrecy’s sake, he has had Axel ‘excoriated’ from the house and none but his most trusted confidants (if any at all) are aware of this ruse.

For now, Axel operates as Merrix’s right hand, on the lookout for unexpected innovations, searching for artifacts and ever watchful for a sign that Aaren may be alive.

Axel Ducaine

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