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Eberron as We Know It

The Treaty of Thronehold / The Thronehold Accords

The Treaty of Thronehold officially ended the Last War.

The treaty not only redefined the boundaries of the remaining Galifar nations – Aundair, Breland, Thrane and Karrnath – but legally recognized other nations in Khorvaire: the Talenta Plains, Zilargo, Q’barra, the Lhazaar Principalities, the Mror Holds, the Eldeen Reaches, Darguun, and Valenar.

It is telling to note that Cyre and Droaam are not recognized by the Treaty, effectively excluding them from the political processes. Furthermore, the city of Thaliost was ceded to Thrane – which is now a point of tension between it and Aundair. Karrnath lost some territory to Aundair and Breland lost much to Darguun and Droaam.

Cyre effectively ceased to be a nation, with most of its refugees staying within the Brelish territory of New Cyre. Droaam is NOT formally recognized as a nation of Khorvaire.

House Cannith was ordered to destroy all creation forges and the remaining warforged were granted the rights of sentient beings.

A multi-national military court was established for war criminals, and the convicted are sent to Dreadhold. However, the authority and power of this court is undermined by the fact that no country actually supports it in full.

Of minor note, is that duels to death are now banned in Aundair.

The Toybox

A specialty business that caters to the elite, the Toybox provides unique individuals ‘trained’ to service just about any need, no matter how bizarre, wicked or depraved. The truth is that each of their ‘employees’ are brainwashed individuals who have contracted their lives away in lieu of facing repercussions – such as imprisonment – for criminal charges held against them.

Furthermore, the Toybox is home to research projects housed underground and supervised by Emir and Nemrith d’Cannith. Of particular note are cloning tubes and warforged experiments. These experiments seem to have been lost in the conflagration that resulted in the destruction of the Toybox.

The Race of the Twelve

The Shadow Network

The Lava Pit

An up-and-coming restaurant in the heart of one of the city’s industrial districts. True to its name, the Lava Pit overlooks a gigantic forge powered by molten rock, suffusing the place with lurid red light. The restaurant began as little more than a hole in the wall with an interesting location, serving a variety of barbecued meats in a Shadow Marches style. Its popularity has grown tremendously, allowing the restaurant to improve its facility and expand its menu (though spicy Marches barbecue remains its specialty), making it by far the most upscale establishment of any kind in the Cogs.*

Currently serves as a popular haunt for local would-be adventurers and individuals who seek privacy without sacrificing the standard luxuries of Sharn.


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